[armedbear-devel] how to debug?

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Fri Feb 19 15:18:14 UTC 2010

On 2/19/10 2:06 AM, Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
>> is there some other step to trigger the bug?

I've managed to reproduce the bug using the lsw tree but with by own 
version of ABCL from SVN which makes tinkering a little easier

Steps to reproduce

1)  Checkout [lsw][1] as ~/work/lsw

[1]:  http://mumble.net:8080/svn/lsw/trunk

2)  Build ABCL under ~/work/abcl with the following property set in 


3)  Setup ASDF via ~/.abclrc

(require 'asdf)
(pushnew '(merge-pathnames "work/lsw" (user-homedir-pathname))

4)  Symbolically link in the necessary ASDF depdenencies

   cmd$ cd ~/work/lsw
   cmd$ ln -s jss/jss.asd
   cmd$ ln -s util/util.asd
   cmd$ ln -s xmls-1.2/xmls.asd
   cmd$ ln -s ext-asdf/cl-xptest-1.2.3/xptest.asd

4)  Start abcl, use ASDF to load the necessary systems:

   CL-USER> (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :jss)
   CL-USER> (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :util)

You need a copy of an "obo" (I took it from Alan's tarball), then 
following Alan's instructions

   CL-USER> (setf obo (make-instance 'obo :path "/path/to/the/obo"))
   CL-USER> (read-obo obo)

And there's the bug.

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