[armedbear-devel] It it worth cacheing jmethod and jclass calls?

Blake McBride blake at mcbride.name
Tue Feb 16 01:59:21 UTC 2010

I do:

(let ((meth (jmethod "java.lang...." "javaMethodName" "arg-type"))
      (cls (jclass "java.lang.....")))
    (defun lisp-fun (arg)
        (jcall meth cls arg)))

Rather than:

(defun lisp-fun (arg)
    (jcall (jmethod "java.lang...." "javaMethodName" "arg-type")
        (jclass "java.lang.....")

In order to cache the jmethod and jclass calls.  I read in another post that
this had no value because (essentially) this is what the compiler is doing
anyway.  Is this true?  Does it make any difference which way I do it in
terms of speed?


Blake McBride
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