[armedbear-devel] [PATCH] Access command line arguments

Dennis Lambe Jr. malsyned at uofr.net
Thu Feb 11 16:51:08 UTC 2010

I've written a small patch to ABCL that copies unrecognized command line
arguments into ext:*command-line-argument-list*.  This is analogous to
SBCL's sb-ext:*posix-argv* or CLISP's ext:*argv* (but without the
executable name that heads up those variables, since that's not passed
in to the Java main() function).

I hope you find it useful enough to merge in.

--Dennis Lambe Jr.
malsyned at malsyned.net

P.S. I tried to send this e-mail before my mailing list registration was
complete.  Moderators, please feel free to disregard that in-limbo copy.
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