[armedbear-devel] Long form of D-M-C

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Wed Aug 11 21:44:19 UTC 2010

Unbelievably, I seem to have [hacked the version of long 
DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION from Sacla/XCL o pass the long form D-M-C ANSI 

I'm slightly incredulous that my patch works, because I don't totally 
understand the code I've integrated here.  In particular, neither method 
combinations which use CALL-METHOD with the optional NEXT-METHOD-LIST, 
nor use of the MAKE-METHOD macro will work, although their 
implementation would not be terribly hard if I have the basics correct.

An aside:  The more I work with our CLOS, the more I want to 
re-implement it from scratch, or at least separate the base out from the 
AMOP as a starting point to clean it up.  Maybe this wouldn't help as 
much as I would hope, but reading clos.lisp is an exercise in 
frustration that doesn't end in admiration for clarity.

So, I hereby solicit additional source of tests or failing test cases. 
I can't promise rapid response to fix things, but I will get to them 

If this work doesn't turn out to be too broken, I might commit to trunk 
in the next few days if the other developers acquiesce, with the 
rational that an incomplete long D-M-C implementation is better than none.


"A screaming comes across the sky.  It has happened before, but there
is nothing to compare to it now."

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