[armedbear-devel] eql for java objects

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Sun Apr 25 15:07:16 UTC 2010

Kevin Reid <kpreid at switchb.org> writes:

> > Rather provide an EXT:EQUIVALENT generic function (or some small
> > protocol) which can a) be extended by the user, b) hooks into however
> > Java does it (Comparable?).
> Object.equals(Object), actually.

I'm not versed in Java, so pardon if we're actually on the same line.

I meant to say that when users specialize on EQUIVALENT, Java code can
take advantage of that, too, presumably by using .equals(). (Hence my
parenthetical remark about a protocol, rather than a single generic
function, in case this kind of integration turns out to require more


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