[armedbear-devel] Serious bug involving UWP

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Fri Sep 18 06:35:58 UTC 2009

On 9/17/09 10:36 PM, Tobias C. Rittweiler wrote:

> Ok, I found the root of the issue: The java code behind
> SYS:FRAME-TO-STRING created conses whose CAR ptr is NULL. The printer
> will barf on such things, of course.
> A patch which fixes this issue is attached.

Applied to trunk as [svn 12149][1], and backported to 0.16 as [svn 
12150][2].  Thanks for tracking this down!

We should probably start thinking about a 0.16.1 release.

[1]: http://trac.common-lisp.net/armedbear/changeset/12149
[2]: http://trac.common-lisp.net/armedbear/changeset/12150

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