[armedbear-devel] Serious bug involving UWP

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Thu Sep 17 11:44:13 UTC 2009

On 9/17/09 10:56 AM, Tobias C. Rittweiler wrote:

> C-c C-c is SWANK-COMPILE-STRING in swank-abcl.lisp.
> If you follow the control flow, you'll see that in SLDB-LOOP (we come
> here through *DEBUGGER-HOOK*) in swank.lisp,
>    __the UNWINDED-PROTECT's protected form is *never* executed and it goes
>    straight to the cleanup forms.__

Hmmm, I don't come up with the same analysis of the control flow.  I 
don't see the code going through SLDB-LOOP at all, but rather bombing 
out in swank-abcl.lisp's implementation of SWANK-COMPILE-STRING at line 
396 because in ABCL the comma not inside a backquote is a READER-ERROR 
which is not a subtype of the WARNING referenced in the enclosing 
HANDLER-BIND.  The actual error is coming from READ-FROM-STRING:

(defimplementation swank-compile-string (string &key buffer position 
   (declare (ignore filename policy))
   (let ((jvm::*resignal-compiler-warnings* t)
         (*abcl-signaled-conditions* nil))
     (handler-bind ((warning #'handle-compiler-warning))
       (let ((*buffer-name* buffer)
             (*buffer-start-position* position)
             (*buffer-string* string))
         (funcall (compile nil (read-from-string
                                (format nil "(~S () ~A)" 'lambda string))))

One can reproduce the error from the SLIME REPL by evaluating

"*slime-scratch*" :POSITION 1 :FILENAME NIL :POLICY NIL)

If I bind a handler for ERROR in the enclosing HANDLER-BIND, I do trap 
the error.

Tobias:  are you relying on visual inspection of the problem here, or 
are you getting a backtrace somehow?  I didn't understand your comment 
"(we come here through *DEBUGGER-HOOK*)".

SBCL writes the string to a temporary file, then compiles that file. 
Since the ABCL code for compiling a file works ok, I would maybe pursue 
that route.

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