[armedbear-devel] Summarizing "In-memory compilation status"

John Pallister john at synchromesh.com
Wed Sep 9 22:21:23 UTC 2009

Hi Erik,

Thanks for that great summary. It does indeed answer all my questions
about in-memory compilation and temporary files.

It does indeed sound like some sort of "map of named streams"
abstraction would be better than relying on the presence of a file
system, and that indeed the use of temporary files can/should be done
away with altogether.

I am very busy with my "day job" (aren't we all?) but I hope to find
time soon to investigate how ABCL could support compilation on Google
App Engine. To this end, I could try and find a "good solution" that
meets everyone's needs.

And I'd like to say again, it's great to see ABCL thriving and improving.


John :^P

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