[armedbear-devel] Proposed patch for ticket #58 (inspection of Java objects)

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Tue Jul 28 20:58:34 UTC 2009

Alessio Stalla writes:

> I have added to our inspector the ability to look into Java classes,
> showing the values of fields and allowing them to be further
> inspected.


> NB: since the field values are read when the object is first
> inspected, and then translated to Lisp objects, 

Is the translation cached?

> the inspector will NOT reflect the current state of the object should
> it be altered (e.g. by another thread, or interactively by the user
> while inspecting). This is important especially wrt. inner objects: if
> A contains B and later C, inspecting A at a certain time will show me
> B, and inspecting B will, unsurprisingly, show me B, not C - even if A
> contains C now. I don't know if our inspector behaves like this for
> other objects too or not, but I don't see any (easy) way to change
> this fact.

If the translation is not cached, reinspection of A results in correctly
showing C, right? 

At least in the Slime Inspector, objects are reinspected on navigating
back from an inner object. I.e. in your example above: you'd start with
A, would go down to B, and when going back to A, A is reinspected and
hence will now show C instead of B.


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