[Able-devel] Pro tempore fix

Eduardo Costa edu500ac at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 00:24:00 UTC 2011

As I told before, ABLE crashes whenever there is a space between an open parenthesis and a token. For instance

(defvar xxx
     '(       abc
           d e f))

causes a TK crash.A quick fix is to add a condition that deals with an empty token into the get-indent-level macro (see macro.lisp). Thus

(defmacro get-indent-level (token)
  "Deduce how much to indent based on the token supplied. The user
  can supply their own indentation rules in the configuration file."
     ((< (length ,token) 1) 1)
     ((equal (char ,token 0) +lparen+) 1)
     ((equal (length ,token) 1) 3)
     ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (rule)
                   `((equalp ,token ,(car rule)) ,(cdr rule)))
     (t 2)))

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