[Able-devel] ABLE does not compile out of the box

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Thu Nov 3 02:49:06 UTC 2011

On Sat, 29 Oct 2011, Eduardo Costa wrote:

> Windows, ltk-0.96.  BTW, I teaching Common LISP for engineers, and using ABLE/SBCL.  However, since ABLE does not compile out of the box, I am distributing binaries to the my students. It would be nice if you people could fix the
> compilation problems that I describe below.
> 1 -- able-0.21, SBCL 1.0.52, ltk-0.96, cl-fad-0.6.4,
>        trivial-gray-streams-2008-11-02

Hi Eduardo,

It is good to hear from people using ABLE.  Thank you for reporting your 
problems and fixes.  Would you like to distribute these binaries on ABLE's 

> Now, ABLE works perfectly well. My suggestion is that you modify the sources, so that the user get an uneventful compilation. In the mean time, I would like to know whether I can post my modified sources in my son's website, so my
> students will have a working copy of ABLE. Of course, I will remove it from my site as soon as the official distribution is fixed.

Yes, feel free to post sources and binaries on other sites as needed. 
Phil intentionally released the sources under a free license to encourage 
such uses.  However, it is best to eventually get all changes merged into 
the main repository.

I have set up a git repository for ABLE on github, or if you prefer I can 
mirror it on gitorious.  Either way, git is the preferred tool for 
submitting patches.  If you are not comfortable with git, could you point 
me to the fully patched files?



P.S.  You might take a look at the "pb" branch.  It has experimental 
support for browsing packages, files, etc.

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