[Able-devel] No :padding Initarg In LTK's Quicklisp

Matt Niemeir matt.niemeir at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 09:56:45 UTC 2011

>Thanks for sharing this information.  Could you ask quicklisp to apply
>this as a local patch or to upgrade their packages to be compatible?
>How does one find the exact versions used by quicklisp?  i.e. tarball url
>or repository and version number, local patches, etc.
>- Daniel

I was mistaken; I didn't get able from quicklisp. I had the git
master branch from common-lisp.net. Able isn't in quicklisp.
The able 0.21 release is actually using the :padx 1 :pady 1
version, so it works for me without the edit.

Quicklisp is serving ltk-0.91, which matches the version at
http://www.peter-herth.de/ltk/. The most detailed list of quicklisp
packages seems to be /www.quicklisp.org/beta/releases.html,
or you can use (ql:system-apropos "project") if you use quicklisp.

For completeness, here is the error I get in ccl on linux when
create-widgets uses :padding internally.

An error of type SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR has occured: :PADDING is an invalid
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